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不需要任何人的同情 不需要任何朋友的安慰 英文怎...

No need to sympathy or comfort me,no matter whoever you are.个人认为任何已经包括了朋友了,所以不翻出来也可以.非机器,纯人工,满意请给分.

it's pity that …… i'm sorry that……

When communicating with people, hear much, speak little, and listen to what other focus every word, let them know you in listening, and show you really care about each others thoughts. In the appropriate time openly express your opinion, you will be

Don't want anyone's mercy

i don't need your compassion.compassion是同情的意思,com是词根表一起,passion是激情,和起来就是同情了i need no 的句式没有i don't need好,因为后者带有了一种感情色彩

我不需要任何人可怜我i want nobody to show mercy on me

I do not need anyone with her/his tongue in her/his cheek

我不再需要任何人I no longer need anybody.

I don't need to be comforted, because I used to a person to bear all. If someone comfort I'll use it as a is a kind of mercy

1. Pull yourself together. 振作起来. 2. Keep your chin up. 别灰心. 3. Don't let it get you down. It will be over with soon. 不要让这件事击垮你.事情很快就会过去的. 4. Cheer up! things will work out for the best. 高兴点儿!事情会有好结果的. 5.

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