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I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me during this past semester. You were alway so patient when I asked you questions. You listened to them carefully and explained everything so thoroughly. You showed me different ways to practice

这个作文与你要找的比较相符,你可以删除其中的两段.Thanksgiving parents English composition Everyone should have a life down on feelings - Thanksgiving, we have Thanksgiving life, family Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving life, the community

my friend do you have any good friends? may is one of mine. she is ten years old. she is tall, and she has a round face, big eyes, a small nose and a small mouth, her hair is long and black. may and i are classmates, she sits behind me. we go home

The thankful great universe provides the environment of existence for us and give us sunlight, air, water and everything in keeping with we existence of space, bring storm to let us accept to toughen for us, bring to us mysterious let us look for. The

Dear friend, Thank you for helping me first.I really appreciated it.We will hold a party in my home,I would like to invite you to join this party.I asked peter and tom too.If you are free on monday,you can come here take a bus,the number of bus is 2.Once

Teacher, I want to say thank you,.You are my best friend in school and ever taught me so much. Teacher, I want to say thank you. you taught me how to learn knowledge and do well in all thing. Teacher, I want to say thank you, you give me instruction


Dear dad and mum,you're so selfless that you always keep all good things for me.You're so diligent that you keep on working all day long in order to make a living.Thank you for giving my life.Thank you for your love.Please believe me.I will try my best,I want to see the smile in your eyes.I love you forever .

My friend,thank you,in my most helpless,you taught me to believe that friendship,in my most lonely when you let me know I am not a man,my friend,I want to thank you,in the cold The winter has to accom

FRIENDMaybe you forget those who laughed with you; But you will remember for ever those who shed tears with you. This is friend 和你一同笑过的人,你可能把他忘掉;但是和你一同哭过的人,你却永远无法忘记. 这就是朋友.Friendship is the

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