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给 打电话英语短语怎么写

你好,我是英语师范学校毕业的,希望我的回答可以为你排忧解难!给某人打电话有好几种表达方式哦~1 make a phone call to sb.2 call (for) sb.3 get in touch with sb.

call/ring sb up Call/ring/phone sb Give sb a call/ ring/bell Take a call to sb

Can I speak to XX?The number you dail is out of service.单词:call, telephone number, on the line, busy, speak to

make a phone

call sb. up ring sb. make a phone call to sb..

make a phone call

call me 给我打电话call somebody 给某人打电话

1.phone s.b 2.call s.b 3.ring s.b up 4.make a phone call 5.telephone for 6.give sb. a ring

make a phone call to sb. phone sb.call sb.

电话接通后,可以说May I speak to…还可以说,This is sb speaking.别人来电话接通,你可以说,Who is that?如果对方找的不是你,你可以说,Hold on a moment,please.I will get sb for you.

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