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做家务的英语应该是do housework

do the dishes,wash the dishes洗碗 do the laundry洗衣服 wash clothes洗衣服 cook a meal做饭 make breakfast做早饭 make lunch做午饭 make dinner做晚饭 cook做饭 do the cooking,do some cooking做饭 sweep the floor扫地 make the bed 整...

do the housework

Clean the room打扫房间 Cut the grass割草 Feed the fish喂鱼 Go shopping购物 Help mom帮妈妈 Take out the trash倒垃圾 Help with shopping帮助购物 Make the bad铺床 Make breakfast做早饭 Walk the dog遛狗 Polish the shoes擦鞋 Wash the ...

can I help you?clear home,set desk.



housework 英 [ˈhaʊswɜ:k] 美 [ˈhaʊswɜ:rk] n. 家务劳动 复数是 houseworks

housework家务劳动 makeing the bed cleaning the window moping the floor tidying up the desk pruneing the flower washing the dishes sweep the floor 扫地 water flowers浇花 wash dishes洗碗 make dinner/cook做饭 wash clothes洗衣服 mo...


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