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刚与我们货运再三确认,他说货物在清关中并保证货物明天可以到达香港Just to confirm with us again, he said the goods in the clearance and to ensure that goods can reach Hong Kong tomorrow

Because sigarpo is on holiday yesterday,we can't contact with you.Shipper promise agian that consignee allowed te delivered the goods.goods is already on shipment,if you cancel the shippment, not only dead freight will be charge.

Yes, the freight forwarding said consignee has confirmed, accessories supplied into the goods notice for the freight forwarding

The cargo in the transportation process, the paper box has had the serious distortion, causes to place in storage the cube number to be bigger than far subscribes the cabin cube number. Installs 40 foot even boxes to be very difficult. Therefore we

Seal of checking goodsChecking goods seal

During the school has been serving as student leaders, academic excellence and has been chosen as the outstanding college student leaders, outstanding League Cadres, personal model, won several scholarships during the period studied. In

The goods is ready for shipment. But we've been informaed by the DHL that the account number is not right, it should begin with "197". Please kindly confirm by return.

Is it SF-expree or Yunda?Could you please offer me some pictures of products or products guide book? And I can use it for promoting goods of your companyMay I ask which express is in charge of load and transport

The Advance payment has been arranged last Friday,please check it and provide shipping list,thanks!

1.make out the ocean bill of lading and the bill of expenses 2.maintenance of a company's internal data systems 3.tracking a freight and exception handling 4.contact overseas agent to confirm information of arrival of goods 5.close cooperation and

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