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我能试穿它吗 用英语则么说

May I try it(them) on? 或者 May I try them on? 或者 Can I wear it ? 或者 Can I wear them ?

我能试穿他们吗 Can I try them on? 试穿 [shì chuān] n. fitting ; try-on misc. try on ; fit on 例句: She tried on her new dress. 她试穿新衣。 Can I try on this jacket? 我能试穿一下这件夹克吗? 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!

try on 试穿

试穿单数用英语怎么说? Try to try to use the singular in English. ———————————————— 您好,用心、细心为您答疑解惑; 如果本题还有什么不明白可以追问,如果满意请记得采纳; 如果有其他问题请采纳本题后,请指向我的图像点击向我求助!答题...

Do you want a go? 你想试一试吗 特卖是on sale 这是最低的价格: last price, floor price, the most favorable price

你好! 把他试穿一下 Try it on.

Look at will,try on as you like.

让我试穿一下七号的 Let me try on size seven. try on 英 [trai ɔn] 美 [traɪ ɑn] 词典 试穿;耍花招, 哄骗 双语例句 Try on clothing and shoes to make sure they fit. 试穿一下衣服和鞋子,看看是否合适。

our Diana tried the shoes on,she found that the mouth of the boots is narrower than normal that her feets can't fit in,our master advise you to enlarge the the mouth of the boots

看不到实物也不能试穿衣服 Can't see the physical can't trying on clothes

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