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Can I try it on? try on 试穿;试验 短语 try sth on 试穿 ; 翻译 dummy try-on 试样 try them on detail 试穿它们 Try These On 试穿看看 例句 1、Where can i try on this dress? 我可以到哪里试穿这件衣服?。 2、Can I try on this jacket?...

Can I try it/them on? 根据具体情况用单复数。

May I try it on?

Do you want a go? 你想试一试吗 特卖是on sale 这是最低的价格: last price, floor price, the most favorable price

我可以试穿吗? Can i try it on? 它很好。我可以试穿吗?。 It is nice. May I try it on? 它看起来不错。但是我可以试穿吗? It looks good. But can I try it on? 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!

我能试穿他们吗 Can I try them on? 试穿 [shì chuān] n. fitting ; try-on misc. try on ; fit on 例句: She tried on her new dress. 她试穿新衣。 Can I try on this jacket? 我能试穿一下这件夹克吗? 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!

try on 试穿

你好、句子翻译如下: Those shoes looks nice. Can I try it on? 希望采纳

这双鞋不是很适合我,我可以试穿另一双吗? This pair of shoes is not very suitable for me, can I try on another pair?

try on

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