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谢谢你帮我学英语.Thank you for helping me with my English~

thank you 或者 thanks

Thank you for helping me with learning Engling.

Thank you to help me learn English well.

Thank you mom, for helping me with my English, for fixing my bike, and for the cake you made for me, thank you.

Thank you for helping me learn math!Thanks you to help me to study mathematics希望您能采纳

谢谢 [xiè xie] to thank 关联词条:thankye thanky thankee Thanks. thank It's very kind of arigato merci gracias

Li Ming help me with my English. 李明 帮(帮助) 我 我的 英语.望采纳 O(∩_∩)O~

翻译成: Three years ago, I met a man who I really appreciate. I had a crazy crush on him. When it rained, I worried that if he could take care of himself well. In the summer, I bought him ice cream and soft drink. I missed him, waited him and longed for

你能帮我学习英语?Can you help me learn English?词汇解析:一、can英 [kn] 美 [kn] aux.可以;能;能够;可能二、help英 [help] 美 [hlp] 1、vt. 帮助;促进;治疗

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