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Thank you for your cooperation.谢谢你的配合.词汇解析:1、Thank you 英文发音:[θk ju] 中文释义:int.(表示感激)谢谢你;(接受好意)好,谢谢你;(婉言谢绝)不用了 例句:I consider it my duty to write to you and thank you.我

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for your help

谢谢配合 Thank you for your cooperation.

英语中bai没有“高度配合”这种说法du,所以译成“zhiThanks for your cooperation.(谢谢您的配合dao)”就可以了内,或者也可以说容: Thanks for your close cooperation.(谢谢您的密切配合)

We will verify treatment as soon as possible, thank you for your support

Thank you English teacher, we will cooperate with you.

本酒店规定,请在餐厅里用餐.谢谢你的配合.Please dine in the restaurant in accordance with our hotel's regulations. Thank you very much for your cooperation.【英语牛人团】

英语中没有“高度配合”这种说法,所以译成“Thanks for your cooperation.(谢谢您的配合)”就可以了,或者也可以说: Thanks for your close cooperation.(谢谢您的密切配合)

Nice talking to you或And happy to talk to you和高兴与你交谈 Thank you for a wonderful time.谢谢您的配合 Nice to interview you

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