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短语 To decide做下决定;好来真的做下决定 decide against决心不 decide upon决断

have sympathy for sb 同情某人 have sympathy with 支持某事 in sympathy with sth 因而出现,相继发生 eg:Share prices slipped in sympathy with the German market.受德国市场影响,股票价格出现下跌.out of sympathy with sb/sth 不赞成,不支持(某人或事物)

spend 花费,主语是人 sb+spend + 时间/ 金钱 + on sth 在.上花多少时间/金钱 sb.spend + 时间/金钱 + (in)doing sth 在做上花多少时间/金钱

forget doing sth忘记了做过的某事 forget to do sth 忘记了去做某事

condense con.dense[kn`dZns; kndns]《源自拉丁文“使浓厚 (dense) ”的意思》及物动词1 a. 浓缩<液体>~ milk浓缩牛奶b. 使 <气体> 凝聚 [凝结][成液体] ,使…液化[to, into]The steam has been ~d into a few drops of water.蒸气已被

vt.1. 懊悔;因而遗憾[+v-ing][+that]I regret that you see it like that.你这样看待这件事,我很遗憾.I believe you will regret leaving Paris.我相信你会为离开巴黎而后悔的.I regret the loss of her friendship.我为失去她的友谊而遗憾.2. 痛惜;哀悼;

用作名词 I am longing to see my friend Jack again.我渴望再见到我的朋友杰克作形容词, The fire hot red lips longing for your almsgiving. 火辣的红唇渴望的等待你的施舍.be longing to do 盼望去做……longing for sth.渴望某物

1) dare用作实义动词,此时其后的动词不定式可带to也可不带to,且dare有人称和数以及时态的变化.例如: i dare to jump down from the top of the wall. 我敢从那墙头上跳下来. she doesn\'t dare (to) meet her teacher\'s eyes. 她不敢与老师对视

1 prepare v. 准备 ,预备 He is preparing his speech for the meeting tomorrow.他正准备明天集会的演说.2 prepare for sth. 为……做准备 (此时作不及物动词) I was preparing for bed when I heard a knock at the door. 我正准备睡觉时听到有人敲

instantn.1. 顷刻,一刹那[S1]An instant later the explosion occurred.一会儿之后,爆炸就发生了.adj.1. 立即的,即刻的The telegram asked for an instant reply.这封电报要求立即回复.2. 紧迫的,迫切的;迫在眉睫的The flood victims were in instant need of help.水灾难民急需救助.3. (食品)速食的;速溶的He often eats out at an instant Chinese restaurant.他常在一家中式快餐馆吃饭.4. 本月的

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