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Bank Information of Yasakart翻译为:关于yasakart银行的信息【附】bank 英[bk] 美[bk] n. 银行; (条形的) 堆; (河的) 岸; 库存; vt. 堆积; 筑(堤) 将(钱)存入银行; vi. (转弯时) 倾斜飞行; (在某银行) 开账户,存款;

payee bank information释义收款人银行信息payee英-[pe'i]美-[,pe'i]释义n. 领款人,收款人


Dear Sir,pls kindly sent me your Bank information details,such as Bank Name,bank address,A/C NO and Swiftcode,etc.I will transfer the payment to you.如果是货款的话可以

Zhejiang Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China,Linping Branch;BANK INFORMATION: 银行信息BANK: 银行BRANCH: 分行ADDRESS: 地址USD A/C# 美元A/CSWIFT CODE: 交易代码ABA CODE:ABA代码


我们不会泄露银行信息 Sorry, there is no credit paying function on our web, but you can remit your money to us through transferring accounts . I believe you can be satisfied with our service.


我来吧We have modified the bank information today into the accurate version you provided, so you can expect to receive the first advance this weekend if things go smoothly. Enclosed is the payment certificate by the bank for your check.

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