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帮忙翻译下面一句话吧!急!谢谢!在线等!!!English, have a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, and hard work, can withstand greater work pressure.

我用APP背单词,已经刷得蛮熟练的,为什么做阅读理解【真题例句】While the conversation around our environment and our responsibility toward it remains

我要找英语版的饲养宠物的好处与坏处Animals are great ice-breakers. They encourage conversation and invite other pet owners to share stories.LINK WITH NATURE:


ther is a long silence in a conversation whatresponsibility off your shoulders.It took at least two people some time to have a conversation._

responsibility for and exercise contr回答:翻译如下,详阅: 是讲人体神经或者生物方面的吗? 【只有当我们自觉遵循我们的思维责且练习控制它(我们的思维活动),我们

英语翻译a star 11. they are in some respects different from movies and now .12. music was broadcast .13. magical conversation

英语问题回答:fall to: If a responsibility, duty, or opportunity falls to someone, it becomes their responsibility, duty, or

出国后,你学到哪些之前不知道的英语表达?4. 在一个企业家的创业分享会上,演讲者说: I went home and did everythingfrom scratch.单看

浙江新高考英语概要写作和读后续写有什么好的技巧“She brought home several Chinese and English novels, a few copies of Time and Newsweek and

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