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跪求高手将下列段落翻译成英文,写论文,关于韩礼德的语域理 not only affects the degree of language variants, but also affect the choice of vocabulary in discourse or emotional change

有哪些可以提高英语写作的书籍?series, she has published teacher-resources on learning styles, the change process, and discourse analysis.

英国语言学硕士有哪些比较好的大学?双语环境中的语言和身份 - Language and Identity in Bilingual Settings 话语研究 - Discourse Studies

急:那位大哥大姐帮忙我下面一段摘要翻译成英文the function is strong and change vivid,hand over with each other sex is strong,the information have great capacity,occupy

information technology and our life英语作文information technology helps us to get involved into it, to discuss problems, collect opinions from different countries and di

如何在短期内提高雅思写作?This essay will discuss,firstly the limitations of technology in education and secondly, the

英语翻译(关于ERP)帮忙给翻译以下英文,最后再加送分(摘要ERP系统和技术的话语的转换:管理实施的旅程 摘要 在一个完整的一个ERP系统在丹麦生产公司(这里简称ω)、话语周围什么变动的工程项目

作文information technologyand a sentence fashionable discourse,intelligent mobile phone to change our life.Chat with friends,to explore in the next

求英语高手帮忙翻译段英文~~~请不要直接用软件翻译,不要有For a country with a long history and culture, traditional culture is a tremendous resource and cultural capital of discours


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