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i often come by bike改为一般疑问句I often come by bike.改为一般疑问句:Do you often come by bike?

六年级的英语单词和词组以及句子,这三样分Usually I come on foot.Sometimes I come by bus. 我经常骑自行车来。 I often come by bike. 2)我怎样才能到达复兴

we there books get连词成句回答:1 How can we get there 2 I often come by bike . 3 I'm going to draw some pictures. 4 What are you going t

以how do my friends come to school为题写一篇英语作文不少您好:How do you come to school? That is good exercise. I often come by bike. Three students usually cometo scho

用often、always等副词谈论你和你家的日常活动,不少于五2 I usually go to school at seven o'clock. 我通常七点去学校。3 I often go to the park after school. 放学后我常常

仁爱版七年级英语下册Unit 5 Topic 1 Section A教材讲解T: I often come to school by bike. Do you often come to school by bike?S3: Yes, I do.T: S4, do you usually

英语翻译5题~~保证加50分I often ride the bus to go home. Because it quickly.5.明天骑自行车到我家。Tomorrow go to my house by Bicycle。

对划线部分提问 I come to school (by bike)画线byI come to school by bike对by bike提问 i often go to school by bike bybike划线部分提问 I go

英语难题I often go to school with my parents.I often play computer games with my parents.I often go to movies with my parents

I usually come to school by bike.请问这个句子是I 主语come to谓语动词school 宾语 school 是 介词 to 宾语 谓语动词是come ,不及物动词,

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