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myself I am a student of grade six.I am a girl(boy),I am very cheerful,I like to make friends.l always feel very happy when l was playing with my friend.I think friends are as important as my family.l also love my father and mother.Because they love me,too.

Hello! my chinese name is Jin Jia Nuo and English name is Jim.I'm a happy girl. I'm 11 years old. march 18th is my birthday. Our school is very nice.I'm in class 3 ,Grade 4.I'm go to school on foot. I have many teachers. I love them. I have many

My holidayIt's very hot in this summer.I don't want to go out,because I think overmuch sunshine can be people very fidgety and feel unwell. I like sport,but now I obliged to at home .I can't feel happy.My sister tells me read book is a good idea,so I try it.

1、Happy dayToday I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.Then I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.Then I have lunch with my friends.We

答:I have many things to do on my weekends. I get up early in the morning to do exercises in the park with my grandparents.Then my mum takes me to do some interesting things. We can read in the library, go shopping in the shops and play

evrg dag we have different wags to go to school ,mg friend,nancg rides a bihe to school .a lice goes to school in his father's care .mike goes to school bg bus,i ualh fo school.Every day we have different ways to go to school .My friend,Nancy rides a

我的爸爸是一个既让我害怕,又让我喜欢的人. 有一次,我因为急着想看电视,就马马虎虎地把作业写完了.吃完饭,爸爸开始检查作业.看着看着,他的眉头

do chores i hate to do some chores.i don't like to sweep the floor, it's boring.i hate to take out the trash, because the dustbin smells terrible.but i like some other chores. i like to wash the car, because i can be outside.i don't hate to do the dishes,

河豚 我在市场上看到过禁止买卖河豚.“为什么要禁止买卖河豚呢?”我疑惑不解的问爸爸.爸爸一本正经的说:“因为河豚有毒呀!”我的好奇心很强,我一定要知道河豚有什么毒.于是我就上网查资料,找到了. 河豚的身体短而肥厚.


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