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myself_英语作文作者:佚名 My name is Wu Yuwei .I'm 13 years old. I'm a Chinese girl .I study in Xinqi Primary School.I'm in Class 3,Grade 6. I'm in Row 3. I have many friends in class.For example, Che Lei is my best friend . She is 13 years

I like to help others using the Baidu platform. However, I will only help those who help themselves. That is I will help them to write a English essay but will not help them to translate. The student ought to do the translation himself to learn. To make sure

Be myself This is a big world. Be a person in the world is my glorious. We have to meet lots of options in the world, so we may lost ourselves.Sometimes we need some distructons release the bad mood.No matter how,by myself is a very important

我自己(Myself) My Chinese name Lin Langwei. David is my English name. I am ten. Because I don't like eat meat I'm thin and short. I live in Dongguan---a very beautiful city. I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. I love all of

MyselfHi!I am a happy and quiet girl.I am from China.I am twelve years old,I am a pupil,I am in Class Three Gread Four.I have many good friends.I like many pets,the peacock pandas,rabbits and birds,they are lovely.I am tall ,I have around face,these

myself hello,everybody!my name`s ------ . i am a 15-year-old girl. i have two big eyes, a small nose, two pretty ears and a round face. and i also have long curly hair. i like playing volleyball, badmintoon and basketball. i play them every day. why should i

Myself In the wonderful world, there's a common country girl, it is me. I'm sixteen years old. I'm a beautiful tall girl. As a student of Dongzhou Middle School, I'm proud of it. Teachers here are very friendly and helpful to us. They often tell us, “

to introduce myself(介绍我自己)hello,every one!(大家好)my name is **** .(我叫****)i'm a 15 years old boy.(我是一个15岁的男孩)(具体情况自己改)i live in the beautiful city of rizhao.(我住在美丽的rizhao城)(你可以把rizhao改成自

Autobiography My name is ________. I am graduate from ________ senior high school and major in ________. There are ________ people in my family. My father works in a computer company. And my mother is a housewife. I am the youngest

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