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wash up 1. [美国英语]洗脸洗手: Washing up before dinner is a good habit. 饭前洗手是个好习惯。 2. [英国英语](饭后)洗餐具: The girl helps her mother to wash up after dinner everyday. 女孩每天晚饭后帮妈妈洗餐具。 3. 将…冲上岸: ...

wash后面可以加名词,也就是及物动词,wash up后面不能加 也就是不及物

wash up 洗,洗餐具, I'll be with you just as soon as I wash up. 我洗完了就来。 It' s your turn to wash up today. 今天轮到你洗餐具了。 Whose turn is it to wash up today? 今天轮到谁洗碗?

upwash 英 ['ʌpwɒʃ] 美 ['ʌpwɒʃ] n. 升流;上升风;上倾流;上洗(流)

i wanted to wash up 我想去洗脸和手 wash up [英][wɔʃ ʌp][美][wɑʃ ʌp] 饭后洗餐具; 洗脸和手; 将…冲上岸; 例句: Compliance rates for hand washing in american hospitals are only around 40 percent,and years of...

washing-up: n. 洗涤 例句与用法: 1. The washing-up had been left in the sink. 要洗的餐具都在洗涤糟里呢. 英英解释: 名词washing-up: 1. the washing of dishes etc after a meal 动词wash-up: 1. wash one's face and hands 同义词:wash u...

do the dishes 是固定搭配。就是洗餐具的意思。而前面的是组合的。wash up 本身就有洗餐具的意思。后面加上什么宾语就是洗什么对象了。


wash/wɒʃ/( washes, washing, washed )CET41. V-TIf you wash something, you clean it using water and usually a substance such as soap or detergent. 洗涤 例:We did odd jobs like farm work and washing dishes. 我们做了一些...


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